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Anyone living in Central Illinois can tell you the right combination of temperature, precipitation and season can stir up a blizzard of bugs! It isn't unusual for insects to make the local news because--for better or worse--they are a part of the environment we live in.
This page archives some of the more interesting local news stories related to insects. Next time you feel like the creepy crawlies have suddenly taken over, check this page. If it runs in the news you'll find it on markleyspest.com!
Ash Borers Sent Running - The emerald ash borer (pictured left with tree damage pictured far left), a beetle indigenous to Asia, is responsible for killing tens of millions of trees throughout the Midwest. The Peoria Journal Star reports that Illinois Department of Agriculture efforts may have finally removed the pest from target areas within the state. 
Published November 4th, 2009 
Beetlemania! -   Lately it seems like the Ladybugs are everywhere! The Peoria Journal Star covered the story and gives homeowners the scoop on how to keep these pests out of your home and when to contact a pest elimination professional. 
Published October 20th, 2009
What Have You Done With My Beautiful Landscaping? - The Japanese Beetle was accidentally introduced to the United States in the nineties and has since thrived. With an appetite for all things green these pests are capable of stripping your landscaping down to nothing but stems and veins. PJStar.com provides some insight and tips on what can be done about them.  
Published October 3rd, 2009
Get A Face-full of Gnats - They can't be avoided. They get in your hair, on your clothing, in your car, and all over your home. You can't open a window or door without being pummelled by them. These bothersome gnats are actually Soybean Aphids. PJStar.com reports on why they are here and what they are good for. Additional coverage also provided by the Bradley Scout.
Published September 23rd, 2009 & October 6th, 2009 respectively
Get The Facts on Colony Collapse Disorder - All over the United States, honeybee populations have suffered a significant population reduction. Currently honeybees are at a premium and beekeepers struggle to meet agricultural demand. The USDA answers your questions about this poorly understood phenomenon HERE. 
Published August 20th, 2009
April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers -  It happens every year and is the best argument for having your property treated during the winter season. The warming thaw of spring rouses many bugs to action--some of which have been in your home all winter. PJStar.com has the full story here.
Published May 8th, 2009
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