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Every year billions of dollars are spent repairing damage done by termites. In some cases, a home is a near total loss because termites were allowed to infest and destroy the timber within the building, rendering it structurally unsound.
Termites are dangerous and infestations must be addressed quickly to prevent further destruction and loss of value to your property. Markley's Pest Elimination Inc. provides effective termite treatments that are minimally invasive, fast-acting, and carefully monitored every year to make certain your infestation has been completely destroyed.
The following factors are used to determine whether or not you have a termite problem:
Termites - Most termite infestations are found as a result of "swarmers." Swarmers are reproductive termites that emerge from within the structure to breed and start new colonies. Consequently the presence of swarmers indicates a termite problem already exists.
Swarmers differ from worker termites in color, size and anatomy. Termite swarmers are dark and somewhat larger than workers. They have four wings of equal length and are capable of flight. They are often confused with flying ants. CLICK HERE to find out if you have seen a termite swarmer or winged ant.
Shelter Tubes - Shelter tubes are covered passageways termites build when crossing exposed surfaces to shield themselves from dry air, sunlight and natural predators. The tubes are composed of digested wood & soil. Tubes can run the length of a wall either veritically or horizontally, across a ceiling, or even as a hanging column from top to the bottom of a room or crawlspace.
Damaging a shelter tube will reveal active termites within and is a technique your pest elimination professional will use to determine the severity of your infestation.
Hollow, Dull-Sounding Lumber - Termites build their colonies in the lumber of your home. The tubes they carve throughout the woodwork are known as "galleries." Termites build these tubes to make room for their constantly growing infestation. The more room they have to expand, the faster they will reproduce. Eventually the colony will consist of several queens laying eggs every single day and up to five million workers eating wood every minute of every day.
Severe infestations will cause wood in your home to sound "hollow" or "dull" when tapped with an object. This is because your previously firm structural wood has been softened by termites feeding. Termite inspections often utilize this clue to determine whether or not there is activity in a home.
If you notice questionable pinholes and inexplicable "muddy" patches on your wood or drywall, wood that appears rotted, or galleries eaten into the wood in your home you must have a termite inspection at once.  
Blistered Paint - Termite activity within painted wood can result in paint blistering on the surface. Similair blistering can be found on sheetrock or drywall if the infestation has moved into those materials. A termite inspection may require scraping away the paint at the blister site to look for evidence of termite activity.
It is important to remember that termites do not understand your home's value. The only thing a termite is interested in is doing its job. For the queen that means laying hundreds of eggs. For the workers that means finding a food source and bringing it to the colony. For you this means they will continue eating the wood inside your house.
F O R   N E W  C O N S T R U C T I O N
 Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc is capable of providing standard liquid subterranean preconstruction termite treatments for your new building. Price estimates are provided free of charge and are based on building construction, overall size of the area to be treated, and other relevant factors. All preconstruction termite treatments include:
10 Years of Service Protection 
Free Termite Inspections when requested for the duraton of Service Protection 
Annual Termite Inspections provided at cost every year after Service Protection expires. 
Termite infestations are very serious. Termites do not "take a break." They do not die off in the winter. Termites continue reproducing and eating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as many years as they are allowed to thrive.
Because your home provides warmth, shelter, food and no predators termites are guaranteed to flourish there until it is treated. The cost of treatment is a fraction of that to replace your home or what you will lose in terms of property value when you are ready to sell.
Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc. has been providing highly effective and fairly priced termite treatments since 1984. If you have reason to believe you have a termite infestation in your home or place of business, our qualified team of technicians will be able to examine the property and provide an honest assesment as to whether or not treatment is necessary.
You may contact Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc. by email at info@markleyspest.com or call our office (309) 263-0341.
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